K Pearson has significant experience in the design and installation of energy efficient, high value commercial HVAC systems.

K Pearson views each project as an opportunity to advance the interests of our clients. Working as a key member of planning teams that involve not only the owners, but architects, engineers, construction professionals, and other allied trades, K Pearson Mechanical  is valued for the expertise that we bring to each project.

Variations in the size of buildings, the materials used, the intended uses, and specialized need for particular internal climate conditions are just some of the many variables that K Pearson deals with on a daily basis. In the end, K Pearson  builds value and efficiency into each project as each is a unique challenge and we are uniquely qualified and experienced as a preferred provider for a wide variety of projects.

Industries We Serve:
  • Laboratories
  • Health Care
  • Offices
  • Institutional
  • Industrial
  • Design Build