K pearson mechanical works with DDC, Pneumatic and electric Controls of all size projects.  Our expertise in these projects ranges from small companies to fortune five hundred and across all industries.

The simplest pneumatic controls use  compressed air to control the flow of conditioned air by opening or closing dampers. Most  pneumatic controls that are still being used in commercial buildings are integrated with electric switches and electromechanical relays.

Pneumatic control systems  are still common in many older buildings, but electronic controls are almost always  specified for commercial construction and renovations.

This is because Electronic controls incorporate highly-accurate and relatively low-cost digital microprocessors to better meet the client’s  stricter energy-cost expectations and environmental concerns.

Electronic controls are extremely accurate, and include greater cost savings while offering less on going maintenance and management. They can be accessed by your computer at an location to make the necessary adjustments when needed.  Technology has changed drastically in the area of controls over the decades  and we not only keep up with it but have lived and worked on al types which make us uniquely qualifed to work on any commercial project.